Dec 25, 2009

Always Late

Every Christmas I try so hard to get a start on things early.  It just isn’t my nature to be overly prepared for anything.  So, every year I decide to get things taken care of early so I can enjoy the season.  Every year Christmas comes and I am kicking myself for the things I didn’t get done the way I had wanted. 

So, here’s the story this year.  Those of you beloved friends and family who have yet to receive a Christmas card.  They are in the mail.  Yes, they were just dropped tonight, but they are technically “in the mail.”  I did get pictures done in the fall so they would have beautiful colors and be ready for Christmas cards.  No, I didn’t get on top of the whole card thing until like a week ago.  Lame.  I make myself so mad. 

I do have a fun Christmas post coming, but in the chaos of my home post-present opening, I seem to have misplaced the cord to my camera.  It has been a wonderful day, and I am super-duper excited to post the video of Pete.  He was so dang cute this morning.  I, on the other hand did not look so cute, so there may not be any pictures of how beautiful I look on Christmas morning.  I know, you are all very disappointed. 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Remember I love you, and to prove it, the card is in the mail.  Or, because I am an airhead you can tell me if I forgot.

Dec 18, 2009

‘New Moon’

My friend Jaime rocks for a million-bazillion reasons, but lately there was one particular thing that she did that stood out.  She got us tickets to an advanced showing of New Moon.  So, a bunch of us girls went together on Nov. 19th (Thursday, that’s right, booyah) to see the movie.  We got there extra early so we could sit together which apparently isn’t important when the theater is reserved.   We felt kind of silly sitting there an hour and a half before the movie started with hardly anyone else in the theater.  It was okay though because it was good company.  We talked and laughed and our butts already hurt before the movie even started.  I took some pretty rad pictures, but I don’t know if the girls are going to kill me for posting them.

That is actually the main purpose for this post, seeing as I saw the movie a month ago, but only found the cord and downloaded the pictures now.  Now, I am putting it out there for all of you to see what a goof I am. No teasing.  

This is Becky, Jaime, and me.  Apparently when I hold the camera AND take the pictures I get crazy eyes.  I know this now because I have crazy eyes in every picture where I am holding the camera.  Of course, my friends look lovely.  On account of the crazy eyes, I handed my camera to Jaime to take pictures.  Here is what we got.  Notice, no crazy eyes.

A Jaime centric photo.  This does in no way reflect her personality, I assure you.

After several tries we all got in the photo. Jaime was not pleased with the way she looks while holding the camera, Becky looks a little tipsy, and I was practically sitting on Jaime to get into the picture.  But, no crazy eyes, mostly.

These are pictures we took while the others were getting their snacks, etc.  My lens had a fingerprint on it when  we took pics of the whole group of us, so I will have to see what I can do about that and post later.

The movie was good.  I have to remind myself that it will never be as good as the book, so take it easy on the criticism.  Things like, I thought Jacob’s house would be light yellow.  I don’t know if it says that in the book or if that is something I made up in my head, but having it be red was a little disappointing.  Little things like that always bug me when they make a book into a movie.

So, all you Twilight fans, its some good fun, and Jacob’s not too bad to look at for a couple hours regardless. 


Dec 4, 2009


So, it happened.  I always knew in the back of my mind it would.  I tried for years to dissuade her.  I thought the years where I would worry about it were coming to an end. Then it happened.  She cut her hair!  I had often told her, as a good mother should, that if she cut her own hair it would make her ugly.  Now that I think about it, that may not have been the best approach.  

When I saw her and what had been done I could actually physically feel the anger heating up my chest.  I knew in that moment I had better just not talk about it then.  I very calmly called the mother of my daughter’s partner-in-crime and we talked about it.  082

I guess today will be another haircut.  Her usual stylist is booked out through January, so unless I can persuade her with my desperation, I have no idea what we are going to do.    I will hopefully have pictures to post of the new haircut soon. 

Opinions please.  Should I let her keep bangs, or make her grow them out?  I will not tell you my opinion in hopes of getting honest answers. 


Gettin’ on my game face for a call to the stylist now. 

DSC_4614 HSL  While I am at it, I can’t help but put up one of the beautiful pictures Haylee did.