Feb 5, 2009

Baby Girl is 6 (On January 12, so by Kris standard time this post is right on time)!


Emma is 6. No kidding. All of you who are thinking, 'what she isn't 14?',no, no she is not. She just thinks she is. I am really not ready for her to grow up. So, the fact that she had a "Glamor Party" for her birthday really didn't help. On her actual birthday we went as a family to Chuck-E-Cheese. Nate was surprised that the pizza wasn't nearly as bad as he thought it would be. Pete loved riding in all the little vehicles that just go up and down. Both Emma and Jake liked the shooting games. That was a little disturbing. Emma really likes this booth they have that gives you a sketch of yourself. She also really liked the animatronics. The theme was something about "Back to the 80's" so they had Chuck-E singing all sorts of crazy 80's songs. They weren't very good in the 80's, they were even worse with Chuck-E singing. Just imagine this mouse singing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World". Yeah, it was bad. But we were together, and Emma, being the cheeseball that she is said 'that was all she wanted for her Birthday to make it the best Birthday ever!'
Her second party was one after Jake's baptism. We had a luncheon after the baptism. Since there are 4 of us who have birthdays in a 3 week span that also overlaps Christmas and New Years we thought we would give our friends and family a break so they only had to come to Mapleton once and do a combined birthday party. So, she got to open the gifts from grandparents and some family friends that day, and so did Jake. They each blew out candles in a cupcake and we called it good.
Her third and final party was her party with her friends. It was a 'Glamor Party'. I should have taken a pictue of the invitations I made, but I didn't think of it at the time. The invitations were little purses that told all the party info and asked the girl's to come dressed in their most "glamorous attire". It was a roaring success with all the girls. There was sparkling grape juice to drink out of champagne flutes and pink cupcakes. We did hair and make-up and ended the whole glamorous party with a fashion show. It was really something. It made Emma happy, so I guess in the end all was worth it.

I am so glad I have a such a sweet little girl. We have a wonderful relationship and I hope to always have that with her. Her heart is so good. She is always trying to make everyone around her happy. So, Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Okay, here is the problem I have encountered, when I went through the pictures of Emma to put up here...well, there were like close to 40 that I wanted to post. So, I am going to post a few of my VERY favorites and then I am going to do one of those slide show things for those of you who care to indulge me in my affection for pictures of my daughter.

One of the first pictures taken of Emma after she was born. She weighed in at a whopping 5 lbs. 5 oz. She was only 5 weeks early and I got to take her home from the hospital with me!
Emma after she was a couple months old.
Emma enjoying a nice, refreshing beverage.
When Emma was almost 11 months old she broke her femur. She had this nasty cast on for about 6 weeks. It was awful. She learned to crawl with it though. She is a tough cookie.
Emma at Christmas time when she was about 1. She was already such a beauty.

Emma at Disneyland for the first time.

Emma as Tinkerbell for Halloween when she was almost 2.

Gorgeous Em, and yes, I am totally biased.

Em at Bob and Erica's wedding. Beautiful.

Emma last Christmas