Jan 25, 2010

Christmas and Birthdays Wrap Up

Here is the deal.  I have yet to find the cord to hook up my camera to my computer.  I know everyone is thinking, “Why didn’t you just use your computer’s card reader?”  The thing is that the card in my camera doesn’t fit in my card reader.  I know this because I got it stuck in my computer once.  When it didn’t seem to click in right I thought sticking it in further with my nails would help.  It didn’t.  Don’t do that.  So, luckily I am married to a very computer savvy man (surprise) and he was able to retrieve it.  Point of the story, I can’t get the pictures off my camera yet.

I have a few pictures on my other camera that I will share with you. 

First was my birthday.  No pics.  Sorry.  Maybe there will be some later.

Then Christmas.  I only have a few pictures and because of the early morning nature of present opening, I am hesitant to share any with you.  There is one that is moderately acceptable.  Here you go.

Nate’s Birthday.  It is always hard to figure out how to celebrate Nate’s birthday. The whole ‘New Year’s Eve’ thing gets in the way.  We did try to go to a Thai restaurant, but they closed early.  Weird.  So, we found somewhere else to eat and then went home and had pie.  Yes, he gets birthday pie.  He even orders it himself.  This is not because I won’t make a cake, he prefers pie.  Pie from the bakery down the street.  If it makes him happy I will not complain.


We celebrated J’s birthday and E’s birthday on their actual birthdays at home with cake and ice cream and then on the Saturday between by going to ‘the diver place’ (the Mayan) with Grandma and Grandpa McGuire.  A fun time was had by all. 




Whew.  There.  And now I shall sleep. Don’t wake me.