Jul 23, 2007

Whose idea anyway???

So, everyone I know is doing these cool things with their blogs. The way they look, the colors, everything. Then there is mine...yes I used a template. I am married to the smartest computer guy on the planet, and I used a template. I have actually been procrastinating posting in hopes I would figure out something fun to change up my blog. But, no you don't get anything exciting yet because today I used a template. So, I expect no complaints just enjoy the template.

We blessed Peter on July 15, 2007 at home. It was
really nice. It was a way last minute thing because Nate's family was going to be in town and my family could mostly make it, so we decided on Thursday that we were going to bless him on Sunday. My Dad had to speak in a ward during our sacrament meeting time, and I had to teach Relief Society so it just worked out better to do the blessing at home after church.
Here is my question though. Who came up with the idea that the new Mom hosts a "luncheon" after the blessing. I think everyone should still be bringing lunch to her. Well, I actually can't really complain because my family (Mom) helped out a ton! But I do think in general maybe that isn't a good tradition to continue unless we can figure out a way that it doesn't totally stress out the new mom.
The blessing was very nice. Our Bishop was able to come over and join us for the blessing also which meant a lot to us. I was kind of sad we didn't do it in sacrament meeting because our ward did so much to help us at the end of my pregnancy and then after Peter was born. I think of them as family and wished they all could be there.
Peter fussed a smidge as they got ready to bless him, but then he was absolutely angelic for the rest of the blessing. Not a peep. He is just so sweet.
Emma had a couple of friends here for the blessing and my family, for the first time ever, got the snub from their niece because she wanted to be with her friends. It was so funny to see her in her little social world. She is definitely going to be quite the socialite.
Well, I have been tagged by my sis-in-law Erica... so all of you have to wait with baited breath for my next post when I respond to the tag. I know it is so intense it is like a cliff-hanger season finale or something. Loves and Hugs.