Jun 10, 2008

Holy Randomness Batman!

So, I haven't blogged in a while so I have a ton of tidbits to share. First, my baby said Mama! I know he has been saying Dada for like a month and a half, but HE SAID MAMA! He is so stinking cute, and just so much fun right now. He learns something new almost everyday. I love watching children learn.
Next, school is out, which also happened over 2 weeks ago, but I am just barely coming to terms with it. Actually, it hasn't been that bad...yet. I have tried to make some sort of plans for each day so me and the kids leave the house each day. Mondays are still open, Tuesdays we go to the library for reading time and then to the park for lunch, Wednesday we have tickets to a movie at Provo Towne Centre, Thursday we have the option of going to another movie (which totally sounds lame unless you take into account this one is free and outside it could be like 95 degrees or hotter even), Fridays we are going to try to go to Seven Peaks. So far , so good.

And, last but not least, Emma had a dance recital. She is such a little performer. I know, its hard to believe (ha, ha) but she was completely in her element on stage dancing. Oh, and she graduated from preschool, and lost a tooth. I can't take this all at once. If anyone knows how to keep their baby from growing up, let me know cuz I'm in.