Sep 18, 2007

He's not mad, really... thats just how he looks

My sister Natalie did this blog about her husband. I thought it was really cute, then my sis-in-law Erica did it about Bob, and then my cousin, Kristin, about her husband Eric. I thought, oh that is so sweet. They all said these nice things about their husbands. I didn't really think of doing one until I was talking with one of my friends, who shall remain nameless, and she mentioned that if you don't know Nate he comes off kind of well, angry or unhappy, or ornery. Now, I don't think of him like that because I know that is just the way he looks naturally, you know like he hates the world. But I started thinking that it was probably a good idea to do one of those husband blog thingys about him because who knows how many people out there really don't know what a fun guy (I love saying that because it sounds like fungi) I am married to. So, here you have it a whole post devoted to the one and only Nate Swenson.

Who's your man? Nate

How long have you been together? Our first date was September 27, 1996 (ahhh! I'm old) So it will be 11 years on September 27.

Dating/Engaged/Married? 2 months, engaged 4 1/2 months, married 10 years 4 1/2 months.

How old is your man? 32, And still hot!

Who eats more? Nate. He isn't much of a meal eater, but he eats way more often than I do during the day. And if its pie, forget about it!

Who said "I love you" first? This is going to really show how long we have been married... I don't remember. I know Nate told me he loved me and he would just let me know if it changed.

Who weighs more? Nate. He is over a foot taller than me, he better.

Who sings better? Me, but only because Nate doesn't sing. He swears that he sings the hymns in church but I have yet to actually hear sound coming from his mouth. His Mom likes to tell us about how he starred in his first grade musical though, so I might be surprised.

Who's older? Nate, 2 years and 10 days. He was born on New Year's Eve at 10:30 at night. The doctor actually thought he might be able to wait and have Nate be the first New Year's baby, but Nate's dad wanted the tax write-off.

Who's smarter? Probably Nate. His mind is like a steel trap for facts and data. He knows a little bit, or a lot, about everything. I know I am smart, but like my sister Natalie said about herself, I say dumb things. Often I know that it was dumb to say, but I don't realize that until after it has come out of my mouth.

Who's temper is worse? Mine, by far. Nate is very even tempered. I don't think I have even heard him raise his voice.

Who does the laundry? I have addressed the laundry issue in a previous post. See, I have really good intentions so I start it but usually it takes Nate's prompting and help to get it done. I almost always fold and he puts away. It works.

Who does dishes? Me, most of the time. Nate will help if I ask, but I am a very controlling person about how my dishwasher is loaded. My friend Becky and I suffer from the same dishwasher control issues and have concluded it is most of the time better for our husbands to just let us load. In fact unloading is touchy too because I like my cupboards a certain way. I guess he just can't win.

Who's feet are bigger? Definitely Nate, although after so many pregnancies my feet aren't as dainty as they once were.

Who's hair is longer? Mine, mainly because I have hair. I don't think Nate's thinning hair bothers him because he is still 'so good looking.'

Who's better with the computer? This is pretty funny, uh Nate, duh. He swears the only phone calls that are for him are computer questions. That is not true at all because he also gets calls with bishopric questions.

Who mows the lawn? Nate. He really needs a riding lawn mower, but he has been using the push mower all summer without complaint. I did try half the lawn once but it takes me way longer and looks way worse. I would be willing to do it though.

Who pays the bills? I pay them, but Nate works to support my rock-n-roll lifestyle.

Who cooks dinner? Me. I really don't mind fixing dinner, it is the grocery shopping that drives me bonkers!

Who drives when you are together? Nate, unless he is having low blood sugar, then either no one is consciously driving or hopefully I am driving.

Who pays when you go out to dinner? Always me. I think Nate just doesn't want the hassle, and I don't mind.

Who's the most stubborn? That is definitely a hard one. We are both pretty stubborn, but I am just passive aggressive and he isn't. So, basically it's obvious when he is being stubborn, I act like I am not being stubborn. It makes decisions difficult needless to say.

Who's the first one to admit when they're wrong? I am. Nate has better logical arguments for things than I do so even if he was wrong he can make me think he wasn't. Also, he makes fun of me all the time because I apologize for EVERYTHING. Even things I have no control over, I apologize for them.

Who's parents do you see more? Probably mine. We see my parents more often for shorter periods of time, and we see his parents less often for longer periods of time. I don't know if it evens out or what.

Who kissed who first? Nate, and frankly it felt like it took him FOREVER.

Who asked who out? I actually asked him out. I had been hanging out with all his roommates for a while because they were the "hotties" of the ward, but Nate was working nights on a campaign, so I hadn't met him. I had my eye on one of his roommates, but then the first night I was still at their apartment when Nate came home from work my mind was changed. He was so funny and charismatic that as I walked home with my roommate Emily I told her I had to ask Nate out, and I did. He wasn't even sure which of us (me and my roommates) it was that had asked him out when he said yes.

What did you do?We went to a corn maze. I kind of think those are lame, but I hadn't been to one before. Then we went and had desert. Nate said I didn't act like I really liked him, but he was wrong. I really wanted to go out with him again, but I had been asked out on dates for the next two weekends, so it took a couple more weeks before we went on another official date.

Who's more sensitive? Me! Sometimes Nate can't even walk in the door without me getting my feelings hurt.

Who's taller? Definitely Nate. I am 5'1" and Nate is 6' 1". But I wear heels most of the time, so many don't know how tall I really am.

Who has more friends? This is a hard one because it has changed throughout our marriage. When we first got married I would definitely say Nate because he had "the guys". I mostly had friends that were guys when we got married, so I didn't have very many close friends after we got married. Nate has often said he is happy with the friends he has and he doesn't need any more. He has a few really close friends and I have a larger group of not as close friends. It is funny because where we live right now it seems like we just have a ton of people around that both of us want to be friends with. Its great.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Nate, but not because he is bossy or anything. In fact he would rather not, but I just have such a hard time saying what I want that he ends up having to make the decisions. I am working on it though.

Nate really isn't angry you just have to get to know him well enough to look past his angry eyebrows. I wanted to date him because he was 'so gooood lookin' and because he had such a great sense of humor, and I guess that is something that only a chosen few of us have gotten to experience.
I love you Nate!
Oh, I just had to add a picture of Peter because he is changing so much so fast!

Just kidding, 2 pictures.