Oct 5, 2008

"Baby Boy Erickson!" and "Baby Boy McGuire!"

Yes, I am not kidding I got not just 1 new nephew today, I got 2!! I am just so relieved both boys arrived safe and sound and now everyone can relax and get some sleep while some nurses take care of babies and let the pain meds do their thing.
First nephew: My sister Nat and her husband Jeff finally had their baby. It was a rough 24 hours for them, but he finally arrived at 11:36 this morning. He is 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. I absolutely fell in love with him the minute I saw him. He is beautiful and I am so glad he is doing so well.
Baby Boy Erickson about 30 minutes after he was born.

Second nephew: My brother Billy and his wife Jacee also had their baby today. Labor and delivery are never what I would call "easy" but from what it sounds like it was as smooth as you could expect it to go. He was 8 lbs. 11 oz. and I am not sure how long he was. I am so glad everything went okay because they are down in Texas where we couldn't be there so we just had to keep calling and giving love and support over the phone. I won't lie to you, I really think it stinks for my brother to have a baby so far away, but I digress. He has a name, so not just Baby Boy McGuire for him. Cade William. I think it is adorable. I have seen pictures, but nothing that I have the ability to post...hopefully I will talk them into some soon.
With my sibling having babies a few things hit me really hard today. I truly can't believe the instant love I have for these new little members of our family. I know that I am emotional, Nate says I have emotional diarrhea, but when I first saw Nat's baby I couldn't believe how much I loved him. It is just surprising to me that it is such an instant thing. Then when Billy called to tell me they had their baby I just felt this overwhelming desire to be there with them and see and hold and love this new little one. I just know these little ones were sent to our family for a reason and I love the immediate connection that I feel with them. Enough blubbering, I know.
Anyway, Happy Baby Day for the McGuires!!!


Emily said...

Wow, 2 in one day? That's amazing! I'm happy to hear everyone is doing well. I'm a blubbering mess too...just reading this made me tear up thinking about how much I love my neice and nephew. If I can't have my own, I'm so glad I've got these little ones to love. :)

Rachel said...

That happened to us when we had Isaac.

My sister in law went in to have a C-section (this was Ben's brothers wife). Later that day I went into fast and furious labor! So, there were two babies with Schmuhl on their little name tag! They actually brought the wrong baby to me one time (oops!) but her baby was very average size and Isaac was not :) so I knew right away. It has been so fun!

I'm glad that everything went well.