May 25, 2008

Party Pictures

So, I am way late with this, but here are the pictures from Peter's 1st Birthday Party. It was so great to have friends and family with us to celebrate this. I know that he will never remember it, but it was so fun to celebrate this first year with our friends and family.
Nate's sister Holly and her husband Adam gave Pete this cute little dump truck. Adam had the idea to wrap it in tissue paper. Pete loved it. The paper made this cool sound when he tore into it and he could actually open the present himself. It was a really great idea! So, most of my pictures of Peter opening presents are of him opening that one, because it was the only one he could open himself.

I made him a Cookie Monster cake. I love Cookie Monster, and I figure by next year he will be able to give some opinion, whether taken into consideration or not, about his cake, so this year I got to choose.

Pete gave a great performance with the cake. He began by just checking it out. Then he tentatively tasted it. Then he really dug in and got cake EVERYWHERE. He started to get tired after a while. At one point he was just taking handfuls of cake and smashing it onto his face in the general vicinity of his mouth. Then with hands covered in blue icing and chocolate cake he rubbed his eyes. So truly he was covered in cake. It was a great party and we all took a good rest afterward.

Here is a series to show how much Pete enjoyed his cake.


Ju & Brack said...

What a cutie! Sure love this boy!

Julie said...

SO cute!!!! I've loved all your posts lately!!
I love messy cake photos

alison said...

As Clint & i looked at these super-cute pictures of your Peter, we lamented the fact that we've never met him, and you guys have never met our Gabe. We've got to get our families together this summer, don't you think?? Happy birthday to your little charmer!

Jacobson Five said...

Cute cake and cute pictures. Sorry we were out of town and unable to make it to the festivities.